Customer Engagement Models

At Rhombus, we offer flexibility in our customer engagement models depending on size and structure of the company. We can engage with customers based on their internal team strength and areas of operation.

Customer Engagement Models

Product Design and Manufacturing

Rhombus can take up complete product design including manufacturing and delivering tested products as per customer schedule. In this case, the business model can be to pay for the design costs and supply products at fixed price. Another alternative is to pay part of the design costs upfront and pay balance as a part of the product supply price with annual volume commitments.

Product Design

Rhombus can take up complete product design including delivering fully tested prototypes to customer. Customer can decide for manufacturing of the same by himself or with any other EMS provider.

Product Manufacturing

Customer can provide his basic design which can be manufactured by Rhombus meeting the quality standards of customer. This can be at a fixed price on per unit basis.

Support and Logistics

Rhombus can take up post delivery support and logistics management for delivering products in various geographies. Dedicated team of engineers can be assigned for support and repairs of the returned product with fixed annual charges to keep the support costs predictable.

Dedicated Design and Manufacturing operation

Rhombus can setup dedicated design team for managing all customer designs and manufacturing of the products. This can be within Rhombus premises or can be setup as extension facility on BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model.

Design Ownership

Depending on customer’s preference and cost structure, Rhombus offers flexible design ownership models.

Complete Product Ownership by Customer

Customer pays for complete design costs and owns the design. Rhombus will not use the design or manufacture same product for other customers.

Co-ownership by Customer and Rhombus

The product design and development cost is shared by Customer and Rhombus. Rhombus can get right to manufacture variants of the product or geographical regions for selling the product.

Complete Product Ownership by Rhombus

This is similar to OEM Model where the design is owned by Rhombus and can manufacture and supply to other customers. This is applicable for Rhombus initiated designs based on market needs and customer wants a customized version of the same.

Innovation in product design and manufacturing process, latest technologies, global quality standards and excellent customer service are the four pillars on which we have built our business.

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