At Rhombus, it is imperative for us to see happy and satisfied customers. We offer complete product engineering services and product manufacturing services to our customers for them to leverage on a 360 degree experience of a one stop shop.

New concept product introduction

  • More often, ideas remain ideas and never see the light of the day because of resources and prioritization issues within the organization. At Rhombus, we help the customer to get rid of execution issues like organizing manpower, supervision costs, setting up production area, coordinating with testing facilities, coordinating with vendors etc to ensure the idea well sees the day light!
  • With the backend in place; execution for a new product concept gets accelerated and is enabled to launch the products in preferred market window like trade show, holiday season or budgeting / decision making of end users.


  • Once product is developed, engineering teams are diverted to new R & D or product development. But due to market demand and technology inventions, the products do need re-engineering to beat the competition and extend useful life of product.;
  • Adding features without spending time of R & D team and delaying new products.
  • Cost optimization by use of economical components to increase the competitiveness of the existing products.
  • Optimizing the design by upgrading the existing product with better technology and smaller design footprints.


  • Change is vital and important. We provide Retrofitting services to the customers to optimize the existing design and upgrade to better and newer technologies without changing existing visual appeal or mechanical design of the product.

Sustaining existing products

  • Rhombus provides sustenance maintenance services for the existing products of the organization for it to optimize the investment made in conceiving the product. A good partner for sustenance of products can help to achieve longer lifespan of products with continuous improvement.

Support & Service

  • Rhombus will play the role of the backend for the support and service of the products to its customers. On time service of products become critical in favoring the larger goal of the product in its life cycle, for efficient sustenance and bringing the desired cost benefit to the customer.

One stop shop – Design + Manufacturing

  • With a successful experience in design and the required platform for manufacturing in terms of infrastructure, manpower and resources, Rhombus becomes a one stop shop for the customers. Rhombus provides all the services to its customers under one roof saving the hassles of different vendors and going through the briefing process every time.

Innovation in product design and manufacturing process, latest technologies, global quality standards and excellent customer service are the four pillars on which we have built our business.

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