Product Life Cycle Services

Concept Design and Development

  • Concept Feasibility: Idea Analysis, Evaluation and Feasibility Study
  • Concept Design: More detailed design and evaluation of Concept based on preliminary requirements defined during feasibility stage
  • Design review: Review design options and specification and finalize design approach, costs and trade-offs
  • Design finalization: Freezing on final design and specifications post all iterations and discussions

Product Engineering

  • Schematics Design
  • Mechanical Design – Board interconnections and aesthetics design
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Pre-layout Signal Integrity Analysis
  • Mechanical drawings: 3D model for the product drawings for prototype
  • Board Layout
  • Post-layout Signal Integrity Analysis
  • DFM Analysis – Design manufacturability checks
  • Firmware and Software Development
  • Unit testing of firmware and software on evaluation boards


  • Identify and negotiate volume pricing with vendors
  • Order material for prototypes
  • Verification of specs for major parts with Evaluation boards

Prototype & Fabrication

  • PCB Fabrication
  • Mechanical Fabrication
  • Board assembly
  • hardware and firmware Verification testing
  • System Assembly

Prototype Testing

  • Alpha release to customer for functional testing
  • System Validation testing
  • Implement changes based on customer feedback and testing
  • Beta release to customer for field validation
  • Certification testing and assistance to customer for certification

Production Release

  • Release drawings for volume production
  • Procurement for volume production
  • Setup for automatic or semi-automatic testing of product
  • Pilot production and release to end users
  • Statistical analysis of field test results
  • Volume production and testing
  • Packaging and delivery as per schedule

Logistics and Support

  • Train resources for managing repairs and technical support
  • Provide Customer support for installation and technical issues
  • Upgrade of products based on end user feedback and failure analysis
  • Obsolescence tracking of the parts and upgrades as needed
  • New software or hardware releases for feature requests

Innovation in product design and manufacturing process, latest technologies, global quality standards and excellent customer service are the four pillars on which we have built our business.

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