Industrial Product Manufacturing Services

Product-Manufacturing-ServicesSmaller companies and start-up companies are specialized in innovative technologies, but need partner for manufacturing and supply of the products designed by them. For bigger customers with sales spread across different geographies, products with geography specific customisations may be required. For example, selling an American or European product may require India market specific changes. This can help in local delivery logistics and saving on costs also. This is where Rhombus can be helpful to customer to take up all manufacturing and logistics management worries and allow the customer to focus on their core strength of technology and marketing.

Rhombus takes up complete industrial product manufacturing services based on customer designs. The services include:

Design Transfer

  • Design review: Review design for manufacturing and identify areas of cost optimisation
  • Identify any geography specific design changes required

Product Engineering

  • DFM Analysis – Design manufacturability checks
  • Software, User Interface and packaging customizations
  • Implement changes in design files and get it approved with customer design team Unit testing of firmware and software on evaluation boards


  • Identify and negotiate volume pricing with vendors
  • Order material for pilot production
  • Verification of specs for localized parts

Prototype & Fabrication

  • PCB Fabrication
  • Mechanical Fabrication
  • Board assembly
  • hardware and firmware Verification testing
  • System Assembly
  • Alpha release to customer for functional testing

Prototype Testing

  • System Validation testing
  • Implement changes based on customer feedback and testing
  • Beta release to customer for field validation
  • Certification testing and assistance to customer for certification

Production Release

  • Release drawings for volume production
  • Procurement for volume production
  • Setup for automatic or semi-automatic testing of product
  • Pilot production and release to end users
  • Volume production and testing
  • Packaging and delivery as per schedule

Innovation in product design and manufacturing process, latest technologies, global quality standards and excellent customer service are the four pillars on which we have built our business.

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