Process industry has very fundamental requirement of analog and digital signal interfacing at various stages with accuracy and reliability. Many times customers want these field signals to be isolated from control room signals. Customer wanted to design and manufacture more than 40 different types of field interface modules so that they can choose and order based on their control system configuration.

Rhombus’ has taken the challenge to design such modules in very short time and do the mass manufacturing of it meeting the stringent quality standards and delivery schedules. Company is fulfilling such orders for past two years.


An automation division of leading conglomerate based in Europe.

Product Features

  • Multichannel configurations
  • Universal DIN rail mounted
  • Customized labeling
  • Signal Isolation
  • Modules with redundancy

Role of Rhombus

  • Faster development of complete products with all configurations
  • Prototype verification and validation at internal and external laboratories
  • Product assembly and testing
  • Fulfilling project needs from various sites of customer.

Customer Value

Customer is able to use Field Interface Modules like an off-the-shelf product for various projects by working with a partner with wide domain experience and market leadership.

Innovation in product design and manufacturing process, latest technologies, global quality standards and excellent customer service are the four pillars on which we have built our business.

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