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Rhombus is a leading original design manufacturer providing hardware design & engineering Services for companies in US, Europe and other global markets.

Rhombus is the ODM division of Masibus and had been formed to provide complete product engineering solutions to global customers. Rhombus combines the talent pool available in India for new product design, R&D and Masibus’ manufacturing experience of more than 3 decades

Significance of Rhombus

Rhombus is a geometrical shape that is often referred to as diamond, after the diamonds suit in playing cards. It is the toughest substance on earth and has unparalleled luster. We, at Rhombus seek to invoke the same diamond like properties of toughness and luster in our innovative product designs and their long lasting performance.

The 4 Pillars of Rhombus

Innovation, quality, technology and customer service are the 4 pillars or cornerstones on which Rhombus has been formed. Innovation in product design and development, using the latest technologies available, compliance to global quality standards and supporting it with excellent customer service is what we strive to achieve at Rhombus and all our activities are geared towards these ideals.


  • Transparent, legal and ethical business practices – Like our parent company Masibus, we strongly believe in transparency and ethics in all our business practices.
  • Facilitating continuous improvement of technical & leadership skills in our people – Continuous skills enhancement is one of our strongest work ethics and is mandatory in a fast changing technological environment. We can only provide the latest technologies in our products if we keep pace with the technological changes happening around us by upgrading our people's skills continuously.
  • Safety of our people and customers – Our manpower is one of our key resources and our customers are the reason we exist. So, we strongly believe in safeguarding the interests of both these stakeholders. Our employees are our internal customers and if they are satisfied they go on to delight our external customers.
  • Maintaining a Clean and Green Environment – We are strongly committed to the ethic of giving back to the environment and society what we as a business entity take from it. We take every possible measure to ensure a green environment in our facilities and in the way we do our business.

ODM Business Overview

ODM Business

Based on past experience of leadership team in product design services for global customers and products design / manufacturing services for Indian market, we decided to launch Rhombus, ODM Division of Masibus which can provide complete product engineering outsourcing services global customers. This will combine benefit of talent pool available in India for design and Masibus' manufacturing experience in past 4 decades.

India is known traditionally for software services and product design services. There are EMS vendors in Asian countries which take care of production and supplies. This model is good for consumer products. For industrial products, customers need single point responsibility for entire product. This calls for ODM Model where customer can focus on core competency of market research, fundamental research, marketing and sales. Rest of the engineering functions can be completely outsourced without investment or deploying resources.

Examples of ODM Business Model

Industrial Products

With advancements in technologies, it is difficult for product companies to have people with experience in all new technologies. Sometimes, due to lack of availability of skilled manpower, companies are not able to add products to their portfolio. They can define the product and hand it over to an ODM for engineering and manufacturing and focus on their core competence products. By using an OEM, they still don’t have control of the product. In case of ODM model, they can still own the Intellectual property of product and have greater amount of control and flexibility over the product.

Defense Products

The Defense segment has vastly been associated with technological advancements. More than strategies, the ease and use of technology create a bigger impact. The need for specific and accurate products and the lack of resources can both be handed over to the ODM engineering and designing.

Medical Products

Medical companies work on fundamental research on new procedures or diagnosis. They can focus on their core competency by outsourcing electronics design and manufacturing for the products to an ODM.

Leadership team

K. Subramaniam - CEO

An entrepreneur with amazing enthusiasm, commendable leadership qualities, innovative ideas and incredible energy, Mr. K. Subramaniam holds a B.E degree in Electronics from NIT, Trichy, India. In 1975, he started Masibus as a start-up company.

Fondly known as Subi and a favorite among all, he has been instrumental in laying the foundation of perseverance and strong value systems in Masibus.

Under his leadership Masibus has stepped into the fourth decade to serve over 5000 customers, in an ever challenging and highly competitive business environment.

He has been awarded as the best Marketing Man of the Year in 2001 from Ahmedabad Management Association and since then has been among their dignitary list. He is also a distinguished alumnus of NIT Trichy for his achievements and contributions to the industry.

Dominic Cordeiro - VP Business Development

An Electronics engineering graduate from L.D. Engineering College, Ahmedabad, he started his career with Masibus and has grown with the organization and helped it to achieve many a milestones in technology.

A technocrat and a specialist in Instrumentation field, he has been a major driving force in designing and developing several products like Scanners and Controllers, GPS, I/O Modules, Vibration products like VT 7S-12 and Power Meters come to his credit. He has also been the guiding force for the execution of many major projects in Masibus.

He has been involved in the implementation of the ISO system. Widely travelled, he has played a prominent role in collaborating with many technology partners of Masibus and bringing in world class systems and technology in the company.


Rhombus leads with the advantage of a wide spread and state of the art production and R&D facility which provides the infrastructure to deliver best quality and high end technology products. With the control on manufacturing, timely delivery and quality is ensured to the customer.

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